swissgroce is a Laravel and Vue.js based online grocery shop which will provide you fastest start of your grocery business within no can use it multipurposely for any kind of online shop.Fastest Searcing and filtering on frontend and also in admin panel will give u less time rendring ever !

New Dynamic Order Scheduling

New User Coupon System


What's Special

swissgroce Technologies
Made With Vue and Laravel 8
swissgroce Responsive
Super Responsive
swissgroce Fastest Speed
Fastest Rendering
swissgroce SEO
SEO Friendly
swissgroce Payment Gateway
Multiple Payment Gateway
swissgroce Multi Currency
Easy Currency Switching
swissgroce Social Login
Social Media Login
swissgroce User Friendly
User Friendly
swissgroce Opensource
Open Source
swissgroce Smart Admin
Smart Admin Panel
swissgroce Quick Filtering
Quick Filtering
swissgroce Search Sytem
Most Advance Search System
swissgroce Dynamic Order Scheduling
Dynamic Order Scheduling
swissgroce Coupon System
Coupon Discount System
Progressive web application for Mobile


So you are scary about installation ?

Seat back and follow the instruction below your installion will done with ease.

  Need video tutorial ?

Download and upload

  • After Download your project from codecanyon u will get a zip file after unzip the file you will get folder and swissgroce.sql a SQL file of database.
  • Login into your cpanel
  • Go to your domain or subdomain root directory where you wants to upload the file
  • Upload file on the directory
  • After upload extract file then move the unzip file and folder to your desire directory
  • Make sure hidden file are visiable on your hosting server

Database Setting

  • Go to MySql Database section on your cpanel
  • Create a new database
  • Add a new database user and remember the password (you can use any existing database user also)
  • Go to Add User To Database section and Provide All PRIVILEGES user into your newly created database
  • Now Go to phpmyadmin of cpanel and import swissgroce.sql from your downloaded folder into your newly created database
  • Now Goto File Manager where you uploads software folder
  • Right Click on .env file and go to edit provide your database name,database user name and password and save the file
  • Now Go to your url .. cool you got the site running
  • Enter Purchase Code and you are got to go...

Server Requirement

Make Sure your server meet this requirements (Laravel 8)
  • PHP >= 7.3
  • BCMath PHP Extension
  • Ctype PHP Extension
  • JSON PHP Extension
  • Mbstring PHP Extension
  • OpenSSL PHP Extension
  • PDO PHP Extension
  • Tokenizer PHP Extension
  • XML PHP Extension
Still Confuse to install ? get help to install

Admin Panel and Initial Credential

After installation Visit you will find a admin login page login into it by below information
  • Email :
  • Pasword : 123456
Then You can change password or create new admin as u wants>

User Manual

swissgroce is pretty easy to use if u have any doubt you can follow below instruction


in administration parts there is three section role , permission and creating admin . First create Some Role and later give them proper menu permission which the role deserve. then using those role create admin as u want

swissgroce Automation
Managing Role and Permission


Category sub Category Brand

Before Creating product you have to create category subcategory and brand. Every CRUD will be done without Loading The page.

swissgroce Automation
Category Module
swissgroce Automation
Brand Module
swissgroce Automation
Sub Category Module


You will be amazed in this application admin panel products also maintains as smart as frontend.Nice and clean view of product,instant creating and filtering product without page load.during creating product you will have exciting feture like tag and native name for easy searching

swissgroce Smartly Product Listing
Smartly Product Listing
swissgroce Creating and Updating Product Instantly
Creating and Updating Product Instantly


There Will Be lot of system to provide offers . intially in the first version we are only using campaign system later we will add some other different way for providing discount and offer. for creating a campaign u just have to give campaign name and couple of image one for describe offer and another for SEO og image then add the product on the campaign give discount as u want in percentage or in amount that's it

swissgroce Automaton Managing Campaign
Managing Campaign

Order Management

swissgroce have most dynamic order management system you can do with your order whole process without loading the page isn't it cool ? ya that's not end there will be area wise admin who will find just his areas order this will make order proccessing faster then typical one.

swissgroce Order Management
Managing Order (Area Wise admin will manage there area's order)

Customer Management

You Can Manage and see your customer update on this section how much money he expend on the site how many item and order he buy and customer order listing etc will be there.

Emailing User

In this section you can send mail to your customer by chosing one by one or whole customer base . and you can also send mail to your newsletter subscriber too.

swissgroce Order Management
Emailing Customer and Subscriber


There is different types of report there in the apss such as sales report ,stock report , invoice report, payment report etc . if you u see report you will have an idea about your business in everyday

General Setting

In order to get full perform apps you have to do some setting like payment gateway , social media login setting , email setting,facebook chat and google analytics setting etc.

Currency Setting

We tried to includes every currency from all over the world if any currency missing you can add edit or delete them. you can set your currency just by click on set as current currency in admin panels currency settings

Payment Gateway Setting

We Intially Includes Four (COD,Stripe,Paypal,SSL-Commerz) payment gateway in this cms system you can active deactive payment gateway as your wish . for getting payment in your wallet you have to find app_id or client id and client secret from your respective payment gateway provider.then just put it into payment setting section of admin panel

swissgroce Order Management
Provide correct credential for payment gateway

Social Login Setting

Login With social Media Setting also as like payment setting we put three social media Login system initially twitter facebook and google , just grab client id or app id , and app secret from respective provider (you may need redirect ur to put in your provider api) put it into our admin panel. You can also control which login system you want and which not by activate and deactivate them. activated method will go into login register page of the site

swissgroce Social Media Setting
Click on edit button and update application with your app_id and secret

Shop Setting

Shop Setting is most important and needed part in back end . you have to put shop information there it will be shared in whole application.during logo upload try to upload image the size we mentioned there.You can also control of your theme color from shop setting remember chose a color which will be fit with white text

For Progressive web app (PWA) you will find a button name pwa application setting click on it and save your pwa application name and icon we will generate splash from this icon . the icon and name will show on mobile device as like others native apps

swissgroce Social Media Setting
Shop Setting

Page Setting

Every ecommarce site need some page as like privacy policy,return policy etc. you can generate this type of page dynamically from backend this will show in footer in front end.

SEO Setting

Yaps swissgroce build on Vue.js but it support SEO meta tag cool ? in order to get default seo meta tag you to set your seo keyword description meta image in seo setting

swissgroce Social Media Setting
Provide Meta data As You wants

Messanger & Google Analytics

swissgroce provide you facebook chat with customer option via your facebook page . you just have to make your website url whitelisted in your facebook page then grab the id put it in admin panel that's it . if u don't want you can disable it too by clicking on off button. and you can also use google analytics to keep update page activity

swissgroce Social Media Setting
Messanger and Google Analytics Setting

Email Setting

You have to set your email data or credential in order ta get user emailing service. you will get proper instruction in our admin panel about this

Shipping Cost Setting

You Can Control your shipping cost dynamically . it's also possible to give discount on shipping cost on certaing order amount. suppose you give a condition if user shop more then 100$ then he will get 1$ off in shipping can also make it free of shipping.

swissgroce Social Media Setting
Shipping Cost Management

Dynamic Date Time Slot System

Set your timezone in .env file TIME_ZONE variable it's default in ASIA/DHAKA Click here for get all supported timezone

System will come with dynamic date time slot system for user to choose theier expected date time slot while ordering . you as a admin can control date list from admin panel. in setting / date slot menu you will find it

for date slot setting first you have to enter the entry date from where date will show in list . suppose you want to show date list from the date user visiting the site then you to put start date interval as 0 . if u want to show it from after some days you can enter any number of interval for start time . then the next will be how many date will show in the list suppos you want to show start date to next 7 days just enter it there .

For Time slot you can manage or enter time slot as your preparable time just remember about same days expire time . suppose user ordering in the evening of current date so he won't get current date morning schedule . so for every time schedule you have to give expired time for the same date when it will be disappear . suppose for 12pm - 1pm slot will be expired on 11:30 am after 11:30 am user won't get it.

swissgroce Social Media Setting
Dynamic Date Time Slot
swissgroce Social Media Setting
Will Appear during order like this

Shipping / Order Area Setting

This is important u have to setup shipping area for customer where he belongs to he will chose the area. and in the backend admin who registered on this area he will get just those areas order and he can manage them

Technology Used for Build

swissgroce Technologies
Laravel Version 8 +
swissgroce Technologies
Vue Js
swissgroce Technologies
MySql Database
swissgroce Technologies
Bootstrap Version-4
swissgroce Technologies
swissgroce Technologies
Facebook Api
swissgroce Technologies
Google Api
swissgroce Technologies
Twitter Api
swissgroce Technologies
Paypal Payment
swissgroce Technologies
Stripe Payment
swissgroce Technologies
Razor Pay
swissgroce Technologies
SSL-Commerz Payment
swissgroce Technologies
FlutterWave Payment